Happy New Year!

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Above image says, "Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu" = Happy new year. :)

Following the Japanese tradition, I did lots and lots of cleaning in and outside of the house before the new year's day.

Then Hubby, my son, and I celebrated new year with delicious Japanese plum wine on the rock (Fruit juice for my son, of course!) and ozouni. :)

This year is the "dog year", and I am "toshi-onna"!

For this new year, I will keep doing my best in everything I do, and I will continue enjoying crocheting! :)

Oh, and I will try to read more to be able to write creatively in English, too (About time! LOL)! Yup, I really should. :D
I know my posts have been super boring to read, and my visitors have such broad heart( I am not even sure if this sentence means what I want it to. LOL I want to say "You all are so kind and forgiving" to read my posts). :)

Anyways, I'm wishing everyone's new year will be happy and healthy!

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