My first snowflakes

I blocked some of my snowflakes finally. (^^*)

I didn't enjoy blocking them as much as crocheting them, but I love the completed snowflakes! ...Well, they are not exactly completed though because I am going to use acrylic spray to protect them from heat and humidity as the book suggests. I'm hoping that it will help stiffen them a bit more too.

I still have 5 more waiting to be blocked. I couldn't block them all at once because I use my ironing board which gives limited space (The biggest one is as big as my hand!), and I don't have many pins! I was surprised to know so many pins are required to block snowflakes.

Patterns are from:

Leisure Arts "Lacy Snowflakes"
Designs by Brenda S. Greer

I was RAOKed (Random Acts of Kindness) this book by a wonderful, talented crochet fairy some months ago. This book has 35 beautiful snowflake patterns, and I only made 14. I'm planning on making all 35 of them and the ones on the other book she also sent me too! (*^^*)

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arootdigger2 said...

You are so lucky to have patterns. I am looking for some.

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