"All Dressed Up"
on Leisure Arts "Booties by the Dozen"

These are for 0 - 3 months old babies and made with size 10 crochet thread. Aren't they just the cutiest thing? (^^) This pattern was rather complicated to me. When I thought they were done, I noticed a mistake and frogged some on one of them, then I figured the other was the one with mistake. So I re-finished the frogged one, ripped the other one and finished it! I never had so much trouble with any other crochet projects. LOL I also had to pay close attention to the pattern as I was making these. I was in big time "Don't talk to me, I'm counting! Or else!" mood. LOL


One of the reason why I don't like hot weather is because of clothes. I don't like short-sleeved T-shirts, and I never wear tanktops without some clothes that covers at least upper 1/3 of my arms, and I never wear shorts either. I really, really need to lose some weight. At least..... 20lbs!
So... I started on my own shrug (Please no comment that I should get up and excersizing rather than sitting to crochet! :D) using this schematics, but instead of starting from the side, I am crocheting UP from the bottom. I'm using size 3 crochet thread and V-stitch. This one is rather relaxing to make compared to the baby booties. (^^)

You all have a nice weekend!

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pam said...

Hi Chie! Your baby stuff is so pretty. Is that little baby girl your's? She's so cute!

I've lately been working on creating some patters. It's been an adventure!

I check up on your blog now and then to see what you've been up too. I also learn how to work on my blog from seeing how you do it! I am learning, slowly! Thanks Chie, you're and inspiration! Pam

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