Yay, it's done!!!
In order to make this shrug, I used size 3 thread and this schematics. There are a couple of changes I made on mine, and they are:

  • Instead of starting from the side, I crocheted UP from the bottom.

  • For the ruffle, I did NOT increase the number of chains between each shells.

  • For the main body, I used V-stitch.

    Although I love how it came out, I decided this shrug is more like my sister than me. (^^)

    Baby Bib

    Here is my latest baby project!

    Pattern on Lily web site


    I am now working on the shrug I mentioned before and also a doily, plus I'm getting ready to start on another baby project that will complete the baby set! (*^_^*)

    I'm using #3 thread and V-stitch for this shrug.

    This is going to be 30" in diameter, and it's only about half done.
    #10 thread is used.


    "All Dressed Up"
    on Leisure Arts "Booties by the Dozen"

    These are for 0 - 3 months old babies and made with size 10 crochet thread. Aren't they just the cutiest thing? (^^) This pattern was rather complicated to me. When I thought they were done, I noticed a mistake and frogged some on one of them, then I figured the other was the one with mistake. So I re-finished the frogged one, ripped the other one and finished it! I never had so much trouble with any other crochet projects. LOL I also had to pay close attention to the pattern as I was making these. I was in big time "Don't talk to me, I'm counting! Or else!" mood. LOL


    One of the reason why I don't like hot weather is because of clothes. I don't like short-sleeved T-shirts, and I never wear tanktops without some clothes that covers at least upper 1/3 of my arms, and I never wear shorts either. I really, really need to lose some weight. At least..... 20lbs!
    So... I started on my own shrug (Please no comment that I should get up and excersizing rather than sitting to crochet! :D) using this schematics, but instead of starting from the side, I am crocheting UP from the bottom. I'm using size 3 crochet thread and V-stitch. This one is rather relaxing to make compared to the baby booties. (^^)

    You all have a nice weekend!

    Joined new "along"

    I've joined a knit/crochet along that Emy hosts. (*^^*)

    Image hosted by

    My niece-in-law is having a baby girl in August. I am preparing a set of baby stuff for her. Actually, I have finished two small projects while I was waiting for Emy's approval e-mail! Hehe. I am going to post pictures soon here. I just hope my niece-in-law is not reading this blog before babyshower. LOL

    Anyways, I'm excited because this is my first time to make baby things, and I'm loving it!


    Yesterday, for the first time in years, I WROTE a letter.
    I remember when I was a teenager, I used to LOVE writing letters, and I always had some penpals. E-mailing has been my main medium to keep in touch with people for so long now that I guess I had forgotten how fun writing letters is!
    As I was writing, it was shocking to find how poor my handwriting became. LOL But I got over it quickly, and I just wrote and wrote enjoying the warmth of paper.
    I only had the most plain kind of papers and envelope so when I went to the local WM later yesterday, I bought some pretty flowerly stickers and put some on the envelope before I mailed it out.

    The whole process of preparing a letter was so fresh again to me, and I enjoyed it so much. I just had to write about this experience... (^^)

    Wrist bags

    Here is my most recent project. (^_^)

    This is Andrea's original pattern she posted at Crochetville. Such a wonderful pattern! Crochetville is full of talented crocheters. If you crochet, and you haven't registered for Crochetville membership yet, you really should!

    I used Peaches & Creme cotton yarn I bought at the WM. I am pleased with the result, but I wish local stores carry more colors. I get discouraged sometimes to find that only way for me to get some of the yarn/thread I want is to order online. Anyways, I am going to Jackson today, and I'll go check on Michaels there. I hope they have nice cotton yarn so that I can make more wrist bags in different colors! (*^^*) Maybe some thread too. Hehe.


    One last thing...

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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