Another CP cozy

It's been a while since my last post. (-_-;) My boy brought back a cold from school one day, and we all have been sick since ( for a week already, and we are still sick. *sigh*). But I managed to make a few things. I made a pair of socks exactly like the other one I made before, AND this.

This is again a cellphone cozy. I crocheted it with size #10 thread and 1.5mm hook. When I saw Donna's post about her tea and teapot, I thought about this Japanese pattern I had, and I just had to make it. It came out a bit too big for my cellphone, but it should hold all the cellphones in the current market. The teapot is crocheted, embroidered, and sewed on. One thing is... I wish I had red thread!

Oh, and most importantly, thank you so much Donna for your concern. *bow*


Next thing I really want to try is Tunisian crochet. Mom asked me on the phone if I needed anything from Japan so I answered very quickly that I wanted a Tunisian crochet book. Hehe. I also bought the famous "Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick". I liked everything in the book, and especially those finger puppets kills me! They are too cute. (=^_^=) But I still don't know if I'm going to knit anything from the book... I don't know... I just don't feel like knitting much... Since I said this blog is about "crocheting & knitting", my feeling of guilt just keeps growing and growing. LOL Maybe I should change my blog title. Really seriously.....


Paula said...

I know that this is an OLD post, LOL!, but I am curious if the pattern you have for the CP cozy (with the tea pot) is a free online pattern? I have been TRYING to find a pattern (hence the google search which led me to your page). Thanks for any info on the pattern. :) OR any other teapot patterns you may know of. BLESSINGS!

Chie said...

The pattern PDF can be found at:

This is a Japanese pattern with symbols, and you will need Adobe Reader with Japanese fonts support.

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