First Bathroom Mirror Shot

My 2nd post today (See the 1st)... I'm doing good! :D

This is a shawl I recently finished. The pattern stitch may look complicated, but this is an advanced beginner level (which I feel I am always! :D) pattern and I love it!
Sorry for the blurry photo in advance...

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"Striped Feather And Fan Shawl"
"Striped Feather and Fan Shawl" Designed by Trina Brielle
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I'm all ready for the fall!!!!!

Long Awaited (hopefully :D) Post

Ugh... Where did the time go??? Hope I'm not forgotten by my fellow stitchers! :D
My life has been the same...just work, family, friends, and crochet & knitting, except there were some unexpeted events. Oh, and I hit yosoji, and it feels like the time is flying by really FAST!

Today I have a couple of projects to post (Stay tuned)! It's been sitting here way too long!

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"Extravagant" doily
"Extravagant" designed by Mary Werst
Leasure Arts "Extra Special Doilies"

How I love the texture with the raised stitches. :) I must crochet some more doilies from this booklet!


Can this be an excuse for not having posted much? :P

Constant Interruption - Tobi
"Yay, keyboard!!!"



Don't let him trick you! :D

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