Hourglass Jacket

Broomstick lace crochet is easy, fast, and so much fun! A sample of Hourglass Jacket I recently crocheted -

~ Photo by Jennifer Hansen ~
Hourglass Jacket
Model: Jennifer Hansen
Pattern: Hourglass Jacket
Yarn: Studio Silk in Poison Eggplant

Pink Baby Poncho

It's been quite a while since I finished this poncho, and I'm finally posting it. :)
I knitted this for my niece.

Hooded Baby Poncho
"Hooded Baby Poncho" - free pattern on Lion Brand Yarn
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease

This poncho was really easy and quick, which I love. :) I'm going to add snaps or just sew a bit on the sides to make armholes so the front and back won't flap.
I'm hoping to post some crochet projects soon. ;)

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