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First of all, THANK YOU so much for your prayers and well wishes!
I was sad and so worried for about 2 weeks after Katrina passed, but I'm fine now. Things are back to normal around here, and I am so glad.

It's been almost 2 months since the last post with my own crochet items.
Finally, I managed to finish a doily! :)

Design and pattern by Kyoko Kobayashi
Pattern source: "Lace Ami Karei na Doily - Crochet Lace"
Publisher: Ondori-sha
Do you see tulips? I think they are lovely. :)
I used #30 thread for this doily.
I love Ms. Kyoko Kobayashi's doilies so much that I am planning to make some more.

...And I finished another one which is not Ms. Kobayashi's design, but it is one of my favorite patterns available online!

"Pineapple Doily"
from Coats & Clark website
I have been super busy, and I couldn't find much time for my favorite hobby since we moved at the end of July. New life in the new environment, new friends, new job, Katrina,…