"Pansy Doily"

THANK YOU all who left me kind comments and concern e-mails!
I re-realized that so many nice people visit here looking to see my new post. I am so blessed!
So... I picked up a hook and thread again. (^-^) This is for you my friends! Hope you like it.

Pattern(pdf) from Freepatterns.com


I started to feel "almost" like myself again. (^_^)
And guess what, I am crocheting next thread project! It is filet wall-hanging with owls on it! In Japan, they say owl things bring you good luck. So I thought.. "Hmm... that's exactly what I need!" The pattern is from an old Magic Crochet magazine, and I am going to make many, MANY treble crochet stitches with #40 thread. So... I think it will take some time to finish, but I am going to do it!
In-progress picture next time... (^_-)-*

Hope you all have a good one. (^^)

Sorry I haven't been here for a while. I just don't feel much like crocheting or touching my computer lately. I promise I will be back soon!

Finally... FOs

Tea Time Doily

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Chapstick Keychain

I used size 10 thread for both of them and added the frill to the capstick holder.

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