Great Tawashi!

I've been trying to find cute and practical tawashi designs, and when I was visiting my favorite blogs last week, I finally found them! These tawashi are just perfect for cleaning dishes. :) I used Japanese antibacterial acrylic yarn.

Flower Scrubbie   Handy Tawashi
"Flower Scrubbie" & "Handy Tawashi" designed by Mimi Alelis

My friend and a crochet designer, Mimi created this great tawashi patterns! You can purchase these patterns at her Ravelry store and also her Etsy store.

For those of you who never heard of "tawashi", it's a Japanese word for "scrubbie". Generally, tawashi is either crochet or knit with acrylic yarn, and it's the best thing to use especially for washing dishes! - I always have tawashi in my kitchen. Once you start using them, you will never buy sponges! If I never crocheted, I would learn it just to make tawashi, really. :)

Anyways, I'm happy the photos are up and everything now that I can finally use these cute tawashi! :D

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