Felted Cache Bag

Do you remember this post..... and how it ended up?
Well, I made a felted bag with the yarn! :)

Felted Cache Bag - Front viewFeled Cache Bag - Side view
Yarn: Moda Dea Cache
Pattern: None

I only used double crochet stitches so this bag was one evening project, which I LOVE! Last year, I experimented felting with a project for which I only double-crocheted, and it felted just fine so since then, I like to just use dc for my own felting projects (although I love the Tunisian crochet stitches as well).
This bag is thick and sturdy, and I think it's perfect for carrying around materials for crochet & knit projects!
I got to say, my felting is really going well. :))


I recently went to one of my local craft stores first time in a long time, bought some yarn to make 3 more bags, and also found they now carry the Red Heart Soft Yarn(About time)! Yay!!! I only bought 1 skein this time just to try this yarn, but I know (& I knew), this is going to be my favorite yarn! I'm already dreaming about soft and comfy afghans and such... :)
Well, they wait way too long to have this yarn in their store! :(
We need new yarns more quickly, down here in Mississippi!!!!!


c-mama said...

That's a GREAT looking bag. I love it!!!!!

Mary Sarah said...

Love your bag! I think the design is great! Love your blog too!

Mimi said...

The yarn looks really wonderful when felted. I like that style of a bag :)

Julie said...

Ooh Chie, that is a lovely bag! I've always wanted to try felting something with that yarn. Reallly nice!

Anonymous said...

I am a fellow crochetviller (leaderladyK) although I hardly post there. Anyway, I LOVE this bag. Do you have plans to write down the pattern. I would love to make this. I have NEVER felted before, but I would totally try this.

JL said...

I LOVE the bag. Lovely !

AllyB said...

Ooo, love the bag! Did you use a pattern? If not, would you write a pattern for it? I have to have it, pretty please. That is the perfect bag! please, please, please

Sharon said...


You know we all want a copy of that pattern. Can you write it down for us. Please??

Sharon :))))

Kelly The Crafty Cat said...

Love that bag Chie! I also have to comment that I am a lover of that Red Heart Soft as well. It is about time that it doesn't hurt to use worsted weight wouldn't you say?

Chie said...

Wow, thank you all so much!!! :)
I'm working on the pattern and will be posting it here soon. ;)

V. said...

That is one hot bag
~V http://www.newchrochet.com

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