Heart Dishcloth

I love to decorate my kitchen with a seasonal dishcloth!
The Valentine's Day is near, and I just had to make this heart-shaped dishcloth.

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I used "My Heart Dishcloth" pattern

I omitted ch-1 on straight lines, and I added a loop.
I had to add my boy's little snowman art he did at kindergarten in the photo. :) I thought it was so cute, and I love how they used popcorns for the snow! Also, a little shell is the mouth. :D

Have a great weekend!

THE Amigurumi Neko

I finished THE famous Ami-Neko (amigurumi cat).
I think I like it a little too much. :D

Since I first saw this neko and its pattern that Nekoyama-san created, I have been wanting to make one.

Look at this amazingly peaceful facial expression! :)))
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This kitty can sit fabulously well!
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She needed a little rest...
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I couldn't help it, I just had to dress her up a little! :D
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The pattern in English can be found at Nekoyama-san's website).
- Stole pattern not included.

This is THE famous Japanese amigurumi neko. As some of you probably know, they even have its published pictorial in Japan!

The yarn I used to make this neko is Bernat Softee Chunky, and it's approximately 12 1/2" tall when sitting.
I made this amigurumi for my newborn niece in Japan, but I almost don't want to send it to her. :D This cat to me is an ultimate zen cat, and I just have to make another one ASAP for myself!

1st post - Year 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! - Shinnen akemashite omedetou gozaimasu. :)
I hope everyone had a happy holiday season! Mine started out in a very special way.....
My sister had a beautiful baby girl on Christmas eve! I really wanted to crochet something for the baby before she was born, but I was so busy with my contracts, and I had given up on it, but...... it was so strange... about a week before the baby was born, a good crafty friend of mine gave me a skein of pink Red Heart Baby sport weight yarn! Also, my busy schedule had some changes which allowed me pick up some time here and there to finish this baby set!

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I used "Soft and Sweet Layette" pattern on Leisure Arts' "Baby Layettes and Afghans" booklet, and I love how this set came out. :)

Also, I'm working on an amigurumi.

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I am using THE famous Japanese amigurumi pattern, and I'm sure many of you can tell which one I'm talking about, but I will not go into the details until this one is finished. ;)

I must finish the amigurumi ASAP so I won't be away too long. ;D
Wishing everybody a happy and crafty new year!

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