Happy Holidays!!!

I'm so sorry for having put this blog aside for way too long! (-_-;)
My son, Hubby, and I stayed sick almost for the whole November with relapses of serious cold symptons. Since we all got well again, I have just been super busy with my work, my son's school events, and the holiday preparations!
I have done so many things in the very short time, and I could type about them all day long, but I really shouldn't because I have some cooking and wrapping to do today. :) I'm thinking about making this. :) So.. I just have to make each story short! :D

I mentioned on my last post that he was in the hospital...
My father is 63 years old and he still enjoys paragliding! He dodged other people flying at a competition and hit a huge rock on the mountain. He broke rib bones, hip bone and smashed a couple pieces of back bones. He had a surgery and got well super quickly, and my mother told me recently that he is flying again! *sigh*
His doctor told them that my dad has bone density of a man in his 20s!!!!!! Everybody is amazed how quickly he recovered.
I was so bad... I coudln't finish his lapghan. I needed one more skein to do that, and my local craft store never restocked the yarn in the same color! :( Also like I already said, he recovered too quickly for me to finish it too, and now I don't feel like finishing it because I know he is not planning on stopping to sit and relax or anything. He's already told me that his next goal is to sail Mississippi River with his 2 grandsons! I don't know any other 65 year-old man like my dad, seriously...


My crochet students have made beautiful snowflakes, shawls, lapghans, dishclothes, etc. I really enjoy Monday mornings crocheting with them - although I had to cancel many lessons in November. :( I need to remember to take photos of their work to share them here.

I'm so ashamed of my 2006 album! There are only 10 photos there... But believe me, I actually made so many things! Here are just some of them. ;)
You can always see some of the things I made at Stitch Diva Studios, and... oh! I almost forgot, I made the Celebrity Look-Alike Shawl again for a friend just recently. I forgot to take a photo of it so I can't share it, but I just have to say, I LOVE this pattern. I always use TLC Amore for this shawl, and I love the softness and how light the shawl turns out to be with this yarn.

I sent a crocheted hat to Leisure Arts "Cap with a Conscience". Mine is on the gallery page along with other great crochet/knit hats. :)

I recently crocheted a sample garment for another fabulous designer - Robyn. She posted a sneak peak of it on her blog. ;)

I also made a hat & scarf set for a Japanese lady and just sent them. Of course, I forgot to take a completed photo once again, but I have a progress photo:


The yarn used for this set is the beautiful Berroco Foliage in color "Palm Frond". I ended up just crocheting the scarf straight and put some good old fringes. I haven't heard from her yet so I don't know if she likes them, but I really hope she does...

I have one favor to ask all of you.
I just found out that my good friend's husband has pancreatic cancer. Please, PLEASE pray for them. My friend is one of the kindest and sweetest ladies I've ever known. She always supports me, makes sure my family and I are doing fine, and sends me her beautiful thread works on every special occasions. If I posted photos of my works, I would eventually have to put her name on my blog title instead of mine!


I hope everyone will have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! I'll be back when the next year comes. :)

A snowflake I made last year, and
this stocking I quickly made today is from a Japanese book.

Another pumpkin and dahlia

Dimensional Pumpkin Potholder is done! :)

I just love this one and my other crocheted pumpkins bring Fall/Halloween into my house. :)

Oh, and my another dahlia has bloomed! :) I just love the flower.


My next ongoing project is a lapghan for my father. He is in a hospital in Japan... He will be ok though. :)
I'm using Caron's Simply Soft Shadows. It's really soft, comfortable to work with, and the colors are nice! I'll post a photo of the lapghan here when it's done!

Have a good weekend! :)


I've put out some fall/Halloween decorations today, and I just had to make these. :)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I changed # of stitches and rows on Marlo's Puffy Stuffed Pumpkin pattern to make those pumpkins because I used Bernat Softee Chunky which was not worsted weight yarn that the pattern calls for, and also I wanted to make smaller pumpkins. I used sticky-back felt for the face.
My son absolutely loves them, and that makes me so happy! :)
I'm thinking about making Dimensional Pumpkin Potholder next. I always have a crocheted potholder/dishcloth hanging in my kitchen, and seasonal one like this one would be fun, don't you think? :)

Oh, and that just reminded me of something... Did you all know about Lily's Dishcloth Contest?! I love Sugar'n Cream yarn, and I just have to enter this contest. Why don't you join too? :) I think it will be so much fun!

Snowflake hotpad & coaster

Ok... I'll confess! :D I haven't finished up the different color variation of my bag! I have all the parts done, and I just need to join them... :P

Anyway, crochet snowflakes have been in my mind a lot lately instead of the bag. :D
My initial plan was to make our Christmas tree full of crochet snowflakes this year, but I'm not sure that is going to happen... I will probably make a couple more for myself, and some more for my ESL teacher at my local church.
I'm just super busy everyday with contracts, and I want to stay that way. ;)

One new thing I started recently and truly enjoy is teaching crochet. Some of my friends come to my house on Mondays to learn crochet, and I just love it! :) We have met 3 times already, and all of them have finished at least one snowflake. Today was our last meeting to talk about crochet snowflake, and I wanted a pattern that uses worsted weight yarn. So... I visited Crochet Pattern Central first as always and found Linda's Snowflake Potholder pattern. I just made 1 layer instead of 2 so mine doesn't function as a potholder, but it makes a nice hotpad, I think. :)

I'm sure if I just use #10 thread and follow the pattern + make the loop longer, it must make a pretty snowflake ornament that require only light spray-starching and ironing... but this time, I decided to make a coaster instead. :P All I did was adding an extra round with color B(blue in this case) and the simple ch-&-sc edging instead of sc edging.

All of my students liked them, and they all decided to make either the hotpad or the coaster :) Next time, I am going to teach them symbols and diagrams, and after that, they are going to start whatever crochet project they like either with yarn or thread.


Lastly, I just have to share my pretty dahlia with you all. :)


Hope you all are having a good week!


Hi all!
First, I think I should let you know that there won't be an exciting news on this post about my design submissions... I so wish I could give you one though. :D
There were times when I got a little sad and discouraged, but I also had some things that helped me get back to be my positive self. :)

I have to show off my very first tomato I harvested!

I do my watering and caring for my tomato plants although I think they can pretty much grow themselves. :) I even speak to them to encourage them to have delicious tomatoes. :D I just know it helped, just look at my tomato! It's amazing. It tasted heavenly too. :)

And of course, I did some shopping as well! ;D
Here is my beautiful, long-awaited, yarn-winding pair!!!

After I wound up my first yarn cake, I thought, "Why in the world I waited this long to get them?!". :D The experience was so much like meditation... or even zen ("Visually rich, funny, intuitive, basic introduction to Zen. Produced by Kodai-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan."- Google Search)! Now I want hanks of yarn just to wind! LOL

Have a happy Father's Day weekend!!! :)

My crochet news and Tamagotchi

I thought, it's really about time I made a new post and let my crochet friends know how I've been doing. :P I'm so sorry for being such a bad blogger.

I have been trying to design so hard... And the good news is, I got my first design accepted for publication!!! I'll be sure to let you all know when it's out. :) Honestly, I had lost hope before I heard back from them, but... some things really are worth waiting!
I did some more design submissions, and I'm waiting to know their results.
I really do want to be a professional in this field, and I know some bad news won't change my mind! This is my second time to set a big goal and work for it. I reached my first goal although I had to struggle for it so I know I will be able to reach my second goal as well someday if I keep doing what I have been doing! :)

I haven't had time to crochet using patterns, but Hubby asked me to crochet "All Dressed Up" baby booties again for his co-worker, and I really have to finish making them like... tonight, which I haven't even started! LOL Cross your fingers for me. :)

It's not crochet-related, but I thought maybe I can share my favorite toys because they are so cute! :D

All pink ones are mine, and other two are my son's. Two of them that have little beads are Japanese "Tamagotchi Plus" aka "Entama", and the rest are US Tamagotchi Connections. I've always liked Tamagotchi since their first debut in the market. I just love raising them to see their different stages of their lives! :D My son and I take our Tamagotchi wherever we go, and they are always by our sides. LOL Every time, Tamagotchi call us, we jump and rush to them to see what's wrong. LOL
Now all of our Japanese friends who live near us have Tamagotchi, and every time we meet, we start with doing the connection thingy with each other and always hear Tamagotchi calls from somebody's bags. LOL LOL
I can't wait for next version to be released already! :)

Doing fine and still crocheting

Hi, all :)
I still crochet, and here is a proof. :D

Design and pattern by Kyoko Kobayashi
Pattern source: "Lace Ami Karei na Doily - Crochet Lace"
Publisher: Ondori-sha

I used #20 thread and size 1.5mm hook for this doily.

I don't work with thread as much as I used to anymore since my vision has gotten worse and my eyes are so dry, but that'll never stop me from crocheting. :D


Actually, I have crocheted like a mad woman. :D
And really, I think I'm obsessed with this craft. LOL
I did some sample making, and you can see one of the things I crocheted here.
I was so excited to see it on a model! :)


I'd like to thank all of you who sent me concern E-mails, cards, wonderful crochet gifts while I was away from posting on this blog.
Your kindness and generosity are so encouraging. I really can't thank you enough! *hugs*

Oh, and for some of you who asked if I am going to close this blog... The answer is no. :D
I promise, I'll post as soon as I have something I can share. :)

Ripple Afghan

It feels great to have something to share with everyone and post again!!!
I missed doing this so much!

I have just finished a ripple afghan for my son, and it's the first project on my year 2006 album. :)
I would try to pick up little chances to work on it so it had progressed very slowly, but I'm glad it's finally done!
This afghan reduced my stash of RHSS nicely. :)

So how is everyone doing? :)

It seems that the fiber art world is having some exciting Olympics here and there, and I so wish I could participate!
I look forward to seeing participants' achievements. :)

Happy New Year!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Above image says, "Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu" = Happy new year. :)

Following the Japanese tradition, I did lots and lots of cleaning in and outside of the house before the new year's day.

Then Hubby, my son, and I celebrated new year with delicious Japanese plum wine on the rock (Fruit juice for my son, of course!) and ozouni. :)

This year is the "dog year", and I am "toshi-onna"!

For this new year, I will keep doing my best in everything I do, and I will continue enjoying crocheting! :)

Oh, and I will try to read more to be able to write creatively in English, too (About time! LOL)! Yup, I really should. :D
I know my posts have been super boring to read, and my visitors have such broad heart( I am not even sure if this sentence means what I want it to. LOL I want to say "You all are so kind and forgiving" to read my posts). :)

Anyways, I'm wishing everyone's new year will be happy and healthy!

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