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Made it through Katrina

THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who sent me concern e-mails and kind messages. *hugs hugs* I really can't express with words how much you encourage me.

After hubby came back from work on Monday morning, it got darker outside very quickly, and soon we had pouring rain and gusty wind, and we were in tornado warning zone. It reminded me of the time when I was in Oklahoma, and a tornado hit... I think it was in 1998.

I was so scared all day long on Monday, and we lost power in the house that day, but it came back after about 5 hours.
Many houses and buildings still don't have power, and of course many traffic lights are still off, and it was dangerous driving about 2 days ago. Now it's so quiet here. It feels like no one is doing anthing. No gas at gas stations (but long queue of cars waiting and people even wait through nights), and no ice at stores.

I was feeling OK until Hubby came back from work with almost no gas in our car this morning. Now I'm so worried. I so wi…