Swap doily received!

My Crochetville Doily Swap partner, Denise, sent me this BEAUTIFUL doily!!!

This doily has so much details, and the color is just so pretty!!!
I LOVE pineapple doilies, but I'm never good at pineapples so I'm very happy to be the owner of this one!!!

It is going to be a doily for my antique teapot-shaped music box.
I already had one of my own doilies for it, but this one is much, much better! I've already removed mine and put this doily instead. :D

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Denise!!! You made my day! (^^)

More snowflakes

I finished blocking the rest of my snowflakes. (^_^)
Only thing though is that I had only 4 left... I counted the one that I made a mistake on earlier. (-_-;)

Anyways, here they are!

So I'm officially finished with all of the snowflakes for Snowflakes in July Along! I'm sure I'll make more though by Christmas!


I recently received some wonderful Japanese crochet books!

I am definitely making things from these books in the near future! ;D

My first snowflakes

I blocked some of my snowflakes finally. (^^*)

I didn't enjoy blocking them as much as crocheting them, but I love the completed snowflakes! ...Well, they are not exactly completed though because I am going to use acrylic spray to protect them from heat and humidity as the book suggests. I'm hoping that it will help stiffen them a bit more too.

I still have 5 more waiting to be blocked. I couldn't block them all at once because I use my ironing board which gives limited space (The biggest one is as big as my hand!), and I don't have many pins! I was surprised to know so many pins are required to block snowflakes.

Patterns are from:

Leisure Arts "Lacy Snowflakes"
Designs by Brenda S. Greer

I was RAOKed (Random Acts of Kindness) this book by a wonderful, talented crochet fairy some months ago. This book has 35 beautiful snowflake patterns, and I only made 14. I'm planning on making all 35 of them and the ones on the other book she also sent me too! (*^^*)

Swap doilies sent!

My Crochetville Doily Swap partner, Mary, has received the doilies I sent her. (^^)

I made both before too, and they are my favorite ones!
I got both patterns from popular crochet web sites.
The smaller one is "Tea Time Doily", but the site doesn't seem available right now. (>_<) The same thing happened before so I am hoping that it will come back soon again.
The bigger doily is "TRISH" from the famous Panda Crochet!.

I'm so happy that Mary liked the doilies, and I so enjoyed crocheting these for her! (*^_^*)

I'm back!

Hi! (*^_^*) I bet you all thought I'd never return. LOL
Just a short post to let you know that I'm alright. :)

I moved to our new place on July 23rd, and I didn't have Internet connection until this morning! :((( It was so frustrating not being able to e-mail nor read my favorite blogs!

Last week I managed to make 14 snowflakes, and they are waiting to be blocked. As soon as they are ready, I will post a picture or two here later this week.

I have so much catch-up to do now! (^_-)*

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