Complete baby set

Here is the last addition to the baby set. (*^_^*)

Pattern is from DMC USA.

I used #10 Cebelia to crochet this and buttons for eyes and nose. This bear is half-double crocheted throughout.

The hardest part was to make its face like I wanted. It was like 5 millimeter(1/5 inch) more/less between each eyes makes a whole lot of difference! I spent lots of time trying to decide how far apart each eyes and also ears should be before I sewed them on. I like the result very much. (^^)

Complete baby set

I'm all ready for my niece's baby who is scheduled to be born at the end of August. LOL

Next, I'm going to start on a doily for my Crochetville doily swap partner. (^^)

One more

I've spent the weekend making the "Rose Center Doily" again. (*^_^*)

I am sending this to a Japanese lady who inspired me to thread crochet while I was recovering from all the leukemia treatments and transplantation in 2003. If it wasn't for her, I probably didn't crochet with thread at all.
She gave me lots of encouragement while at the hospital even though she herself was fighting lymphoma.
She is well now, and recently she started her new job. (^_^)

I hope she will like this doily...

Crochetville Doily Swap

This one... I MUST join. LOL

Image hosted by
at Crochetville

Sign-up ends on 25th!

"Between-Meal Centerpiece"

I must say, this is my most favorite project so far!

I had been saying this one was a doily, but it's actually is a table centerpiece. :P You can tell I'm obsessed with doily making, can't you? LOL
Well... The pattern is at The thread is #10. The size was supposed to be 30" in diameter, but mine ended up to be 32".

Such a great project! I must say, I LOVE this one. I can look at it all day long. I MUST find a round-top table for this centerpiece! (^_^)


I was gonna start on a gift for a baby again, but I'm now thinking... doily. Hehe.
I haven't decided which pattern yet.


I'm still crocheting. (^o^) Everyday, little at a time.

I'm still working on the doily I posted about on May 19th.
I have only 3 rows left, but since this doily is supposed to be 30 inches in diameter when finished, each row now is so long that by the time I finish 1 row, I feel like I had way enough repetition of same stitch. (>_<)

I LOVE the way it looks though. (^^)
We have been looking for a house to buy, and I can't wait to decorate our new home with this doily.

I have one more project to complete the baby set I've been working on.
What is it? I'm going to keep it a secret until I finish the doily. Hehe.
As soon as the doily is done, I will start working on it and post a progress picture here.

It's cloudy here today.
I love crocheting at home on rainy/cloudy days.
Sunny days make me feel that I should get out of the house and do something else.

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