Rosebud Doily

Pattern : Rosebud Doily
Source : Magic Crochet - April 1997 issue.

This doily is the one I had wanted to make so badly. As soon as I received the thread in the mail, I ripped the box open and started crocheting this right away. LOL

Some of my fellow Japanese crocheters have made the same doily. It is interesting to see how the same pattern comes out so differently depends on who makes it.
Rinrin makes BEAUTIFUL doilies, and she is such an inspiration to me! After entering her site "Gallery Big Bear", click on "Atelier Rinrin" to see all of her breath-takingly gorgeous doilies.
Also, you can't miss "Filet Crochet Lace Bonita", where menko displays her gorgeous floral and filet doilies. Click on "Floral Garden" to see her Rosebud Doily and other beautiful floral doilies.

Hearts Doily

I couldn't resist... hearts and pink! (*^^*)
Its pattern is here. Thank you, Monique!

Bow Sleeve

For all of you who has been waiting for the photo of my hubby's bow sleeve I mentioned before, at last, here is the picture, but the sleeve doesn't have the button (He is supposed to make it, but hasn't yet). :P

Before I made it he said, "Chie, just throw in whatever colors of yarn you don't need, don't think nothing, just let yourself go with it. (I thought that's what he said and he meant however I crochet to make it is fine.)" So I did, and he loves the sleeve. :)


...And one of Hubby's bows he made, and it's the one I made the sleeve for. This one is not for decorative purpose, and he actually goes hunting with it. He said he wants a small photo posted. LOL Click on the photo to view a slightly larger photo. ;D

Added on 02/17/05:

The bow sleeve is finally finished with a new button made with deer horn. It is just the tip of a horn with two holes drilled into.

Hello Kitty Handbag

It's done!!! (*^^*)

Pattern by oslofia.

I made 80% of this bag in the car. LOL It takes 1 hour by car to go to the nearest town where there is a mall, and we went there yesterday and today too so that's why. Hehe.
My yarn was Red Heart Super Saver (Country Rose, Claret, Aran, black, yellow), and the hook was US G7 (4.50mm). I made a little change on the handle, plus I did reverse single crochet stitch edgings.

"The Square Doily with Rose Center"

The pattern is here. I used size 10 thread and size 6 steel hook. This one is for the Thread CAL at Crochetville. This CAL has its own blog and gallery as well so if you like thread crochet go and check them out. (^^)

I've ordered some more thread at Herrshners for my future projects, and I'm waiting for the thread to arrive. (*^^*)


I have finished the case for Hubby's bow, but he said he still has to make a button for it so no picture today. (^^; If by next time, the button is not done, I will go ahead and post a picture of it without a button, which I think most likely that's how it is going to be. Hehe.


Dear my Japanese visitors, I finally started a blog in Japanese language. (*^^*) This blog will still remain my main blog, but you won't miss anything if you just decide to visit my Japanese blog. (^_-)*

Adorable Snowboy!

Yesterday I received "Snowboy" from Danielle! (*^_^*)
Here is the picture of him and my happy son!!!

I remember, when I was a child, I used to love some certain toys so much that they were like my family or best friends. My first favorite toy was "Koeda-chan to Ki no Ouchi", then later Monchhichi. I feel exactly the same way with Snowboy as I did with them. He is just way too cute!!!

Danielle has a family of Snowpeople and other wonderful crocheted items to offer you so go check out. (^^)


Recently I made some really simple tawashis, and currently working on a case for a bow Hubby made. He said to use some vivid color scrap yarn so that's what I'm doing. It's really simple thing so I may not post a picture of it, but I thought I should let you know what I'm making in case any of you are wondering. (^_-)*

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