"Dolly's Playtime Set"

"Dolly's Playtime Set"

Pattern Source : Annie's Attic Leaflet 872417 "Dolly's Palytime Set"
Designed by Cynthia Harris

Here is the list of patterns included :

Bassinet/Purse, bed
White Dress, hat, panties
White PJ Set (top, bottom, bunny slipper, toy bunny)
Sundress Set (dress, bonnet)
Short Set (shirt, shorts, headband)
Overall Set (overalls, shirt)
Footed PJ Set (PJ with fanny flap, blanket)

When I just started crocheting, my sister-in-law gave me this leaflet. :) I made this set in the year of 2002. The leaflet include patterns for everything on above picture, plus one for a little toy bunny, and one for a small dolly which I did not make because I did not have the suggested yarn for it. Instead, I used two strands, and balanced the length of arms and legs like I wanted in order to make a bigger version. I did the same with the dress she is wearing, plus I put a couple of flowers on it (picture below). ;)
The colors of the clothes are slightly different from suggested ones.

"Dolly's Playtime Set"

Below on your left is the picture of the purse when it is closed. You can put those little clothes in the purse (picture right). Inside the purse is mesh plastic canvas.

"Dolly's Playtime Set" "Dolly's Playtime Set"

I made this set for myself. LOL I really enjoyed making this set, and this project got me hooked on crocheting! :)

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Anonymous said...

lovely! will you sell your pattern?

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